Our Perspective

Amodal: One Year On

As Amodal has reached its first-year anniversary, Managing Director Tom Whiting reflects on how far the business has come in such a short period of time.

It’s been a year since we started Amodal just as the country went into its first national lockdown. In 12 months, we have laid crucial foundations, built the right culture for our team and embedded key sustainable principles into our organisation. Although the past year has brought very new challenges for us all, from a business perspective it was ultimately about doing what we could do under the circumstances and supporting our team and clients as we navigated the new normal.

Looking retrospectively, the period was a time in which we could fortify our business, be resilient and think laterally outside of the box. The core aim during our first year was to create a business with strong foundations that centre sustainability and deliver quality outputs to our clients. It is why we invested time in laying these groundworks; obtaining our ISO accreditations and working towards B Corp certification. At Amodal we recognise that being sustainable is about having the right things in place for when things change, i.e., in terms of governance, and that it reaches far greater than what our initial perceptions of sustainability are. Becoming B Corp certified is a huge component of our desire to be a sustainable business. When we are certified later on this year, it will ensure Amodal is being a force for good in the built environment and beyond. 

Being a B Corp organisation isn’t restricted to one element and neither is it a tick-box exercise in sustainability. It looks at a business’s impact on workers, communities and the environment; it gets at the essence of what you do so that your actions positively affect everything your business touches upon. It also means that your organisation is independently audit checked which is hugely important in terms of transparency. This is what we want our clients to recognise: to trust in the knowledge that we have done things correctly and that it isn’t just words but action.

For Amodal this year has been an education in versatility and adaptability. In fact, these two criteria are essentially what digital transformation is all about: being agile, proactive, reflective and having a PMO as part of the business.

In our second year we will build on our solid foundations and grow in both unexpected and anticipated patterns. Our team which has grown considerably over the past year will continue to flourish. This in itself is highly rewarding – to see we’ve created an environment that people want to be in. In that sense, we achieved more than we ever imagined in 2020.

Amodal considers itself fortunate and thankful to have grown during a year that has hit some businesses very hard. It is why we place precedence on our evolution, and understand that our communication and services will continually adapt to meet the industry’s changing environments. Our second year is set to be a good one with our strong ethos, team and outlook. The past 12 months have been a real learning curve and we are excited for what is to come.