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Q&A With Amodal’s New Apprentices

With National Apprenticeship Week (8th-14th February 2021) shining important light on apprentices across the UK, Amodal sat down with its budding apprentices, Project Information Assistants Digby Tubbs and Tobi Hassan, to discuss why they decided to pursue this pathway and what each of them hopes to achieve in the future.

Digby Tubbs

Digby Tubbs (DT)

Tobi Hassan

Tobi Hassan (TH)

Q: Both of you are undertaking the Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship. Why did you decide to choose this route?

DT: I thought it looked like a really great opportunity. Gaining a qualification whilst you’re in the real world of work puts you in good stead. It’s a great advantage. I wasn’t aware of the level of support you get either – from Multiverse (the company who facilitates the qualification) and Amodal where I am working now as a project information assistant. It’s inspiring to have the support from these coaches and peers.

TH: I decided to do an apprenticeship because I realised how valuable it was to get a qualification whilst being able to work at the same time. Doing an apprenticeship allows me to get that work experience from a young age and maybe earlier than some of my peers. It really allows me to develop as an individual in multiple ways, particularly in terms of work and education.

Q: What does the apprenticeship involve?

DT: The first Multiverse coaching session looked at how different companies are set up. It was great to learn about how organisations are structured and then see this in real life at Amodal. Our first assignment involved doing a presentation about your company and we spoke about the values, missions and goals of a business.

I’m still in the beginning months of my apprenticeship but so far, the things I’ve learnt and the support has been great.

TH: I’m still very early on too, but I’m excited to learn new things and hit the ground running!

Q: Why did you decide to join Amodal as Project Information Assistants?

DT: The prospect of being able to work with good people. I think I will be able to learn so much at this company, particularly because they’re a start-up as well which is really cool. There are so many different opportunities here and being part of this growth is quite rare and exciting. 

TH: Amodal is involved in the development of new buildings and sites and I always wanted my career to be in this domain. It feels great to be working in this part of the industry. I was also drawn to the career progression, as I would love to work my way up to a more senior level and reach my goals.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone considering an apprenticeship?

DT: I think there is a massive stigma surrounding apprenticeships, especially in terms of how they are perceived when compared to university. I genuinely don’t think there’s enough awareness of how good they are! For those people who aren’t sure about university, or tried it and felt as if it wasn’t the right course for them, apprenticeships are a great option. I couldn’t vouch for them more highly.

TH: My advice would be to apply for the apprenticeship that you want and have an interest in. Pick something you are going to thrive in and enjoy. I’ve been very lucky to find something that genuinely interests me, but a reality is that so many people apply for things they don’t really want. An apprenticeship is a lot of work, so choose something that you’re going to love day in day out.

Many people have the mentality that university is a rite of passage for us all. Whether or not that is the right course for them as an individual is something they don’t always have in mind.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams after completing the apprenticeship?

DT: I feel more motivated to further myself and my career prospects. The Level 3 apprenticeship is a good place to begin and I look forward to what the future holds!

TH: After completing the apprenticeship I’d love to continue at Amodal. Maybe there will be an opportunity to do a Level 4 or 5 apprenticeship, which would be brilliant. I always want to be improving who I am and what I know. Progression is important.