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Amodal Announces Partnership With Asite

Information management service provider Amodal is thrilled to be joining the Asite Ecosystem, an open data exchange platform for the built environment devised by cloud collaboration provider, Asite. Amodal and Asite’s partnership will unlock greater value throughout all stages of the construction lifecycle for both contractors and asset owners.

Utilising its characteristic ‘Amodal’ vision, Amodal delivers strategic foresight and building information lifecycle management to prepare its clients for today and the future. Amodal will act as a Value-Added Service Provider (VASP), helping Asite to grow its relationships within the industry and provide enhanced value to existing clients. Amodal will collaborate with clients on the Asite Project Portfolio Management (PPM), the Asite Supply Chain Management (SCM), and the Asite Asset Performance management (APM).

Speaking of the news, Thomas Whiting, Amodal’s Managing Director said: “We have a history of working closely with Asite and are delighted to be evolving the relationship by joining the growing ecosystem. We are eager to use the partnership to ensure clients maximise the value from the Asite platform and successfully implement the benefits across the business.” 

Rob Clifton, Asite’s Chief of Staff said: “Despite being a relatively new company, Amodal’s team has an extensive and diverse knowledge base. Having engaged previously with them for work, focusing on transformation and technology with tier one contractors and large assets owners, we are excited to collaborate on a number of future projects. We welcome their wealth of expertise and look forward to Amodal helping organisations to build better.”

Amodal will be joining fellow industry and global brands on the Ecosystem platform including Zoom, Office 365, Coins and Microsoft Dynamics.

With a strong product portfolio, Asite’s solutions enable all project stakeholders to seamlessly collaborate across the asset lifecycle, ensuring information is maintained in a secure, central location.

Offering a characteristic service model and collaborative, agile way of working, Amodal ensures its clients’ requirements are the focus every step of the way, ensuring there is no barrier to the retrieval of information regarding a built asset.