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Project delivery

Bentley Projectwise 365
ProjectWise 365

Digital collaboration software

ProjectWise 365 is an efficient cloud-based collaboration solution designed for small to mid-size design teams, firms, and projects.

Bentley Projectwise Explorer
ProjectWise Explorer Virtuoso Subscription

Worksharing and collaboration software

ProjectWise Explorer Virtuoso Subscription enhances collaboration, making it simple to exchange information, access current documents and submit 2D/3D designs to clients and project owners.

Construction Management & Planning

Bentley Synchro Worksuite
Synchro WorkSuite

Construction management and planning software

This construction management and planning software bundle includes SYNCHRO 4D, SYNCHRO Control and SYNCHRO Field, and is available for small, medium and large projects.

Bentley Synchro 4D

4D construction project management software

SYNCHRO 4D is a 4D-scheduling and simulation application for construction projects which enables digitally enhanced planning and operations.

Bentley Synchro Field

Mobile construction management software

SYNCHRO Field is a mobile construction management software that allows you to access, capture and communicate job site information, even when offline

Bentley Synchro Control
Synchro Control

Project management web service

SYNCHRO Control is a web-based construction management service for you to access, manage, collaborate and analyse construction data all in one place.

CAD & Visual

Bentley Microstation

Computer-aided design and visualization software

MicroStation is a 2D/3D CAD and visualisation software, helping you draft, model, and visualise infrastructure projects of any type, scale and complexity.

Bentley LumenRT

Real-time visualization software

Bentley LumenRT is a real-time visualisation software that brings your projects to life with images, videos and tangible presentations of your infrastructure design models.

Building design

Bentley OpenBuildings Design
OpenBuildings Designer

Building design and energy analysis software

Deliver sustainable, high-performance buildings and metro stations in less time using BIM advancements which increase collaboration among architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural stakeholders.

Bentley OpenBuildings Speedikon
OpenBuildings Speedikon

Building design and documentation software

Integrate your industrial and architectural design, drawings, reports and data to meet German standards.

Bentley ProSteel

Steel detailing and fabrication software

ProSteel is a steel detailing and fabrication design software that helps you efficiently and accurately develop models and documentation for steel structures.

Bentley ProStructures

Steel and concrete design software

ProStructures is a comprehensive steel and concrete design software that delivers parametric structural components to increase productivity and profitability.

Bentley Pro Concrete

Reinforced concrete modeling and detailing software

ProConcrete is a modelling and detailing software that allows you to efficiently model reinforced concrete objects of any shape, with any combination of reinforcing.

Not sure which software solution you require?

Accelerate project delivery and improve asset performance by selecting Bentley Systems’ discipline-specific applications and services which enable collaboration and visibility across projects. Bentley Systems’ suite of solutions are designed for the supply chain’s specific capabilities; from architects to contractors, owner-operators and engineers and individual businesses and institutions.

Amodal is an agnostic, trusted and approved partner and collaborator of Bentley Systems and has experience working with Bentley Systems’ software. Using its expertise and insight, Amodal works across Bentley Systems’ product suite to help clients with their information management.

Bentley Systems - Amodal - Partner

About Virtuosity:

Virtuosity is one of Bentley Systems’ latest innovations. Virtuosity pairs competitively priced, industry-leading Bentley software with expert training and makes it easy to purchase software online quickly.

Want an affordable and flexible subscription?

Virtuosity by Bentley Systems provides your business with an easy way to purchase a wide array of Bentley software bundled with customisable training. A Virtuoso subscription ensures your workforce quickly learns the latest technology and workflows, all the while minimising time away from project work and maximising the return on your investment.

What is a Virtuoso subscription?

The Virtuoso subscription is a one-year practitioner licence that lowers your upfront costs for the leading technology for buildings, civil engineering, infrastructure projects, and more. Your team constantly requires new ways to work more effectively and efficiently. That’s why every software purchase includes ‘keys’, which unlock customised training and services provided by in-house industry experts.

What’s on offer:

  • Leading technology Accelerated workflows to boost design, analysis, and modelling skills across your team
  • Customisable training Flexibility to customise the training and mentoring services that are right for you
  • Bentley’s in-house experts Direct access to industry experts who know the challenges you face and the strategies to solve them
  • Affordable and flexible one-year Virtuoso subscription means you get the tools you need without long-term commitments

Virtuoso subscriptions include:

  • A one-year practitioner licence of Bentley software for lower upfront costs.
  • Keys to redeem for customisable training, mentoring, and consulting services.
  • Direct access to Bentley’s in-house industry experts who know the challenges your team faces and the strategies to solve them.
  • The freedom and flexibility to set your own agenda for your business, projects, and teams

Every software purchase through Virtuosity comes with a Virtuoso subscription.

Not sure which software solution you require?