Our Perspective

Celebrating B CORP Month 2021

It’s B Corp Month 2021, a time dedicated to celebrating businesses that are driving for the changes they want to see on a global scale. A B Corp organisation sees business as a force for good, harnessing its power to drive towards equality, lower poverty, stronger communities and a healthier environment. In lieu of B Corp Month, Daniel Kilford, Associate Principal at Amodal explains why the company decided to become B Corp certified.

When we started a new business, we began with a blank canvas. As we could construct the foundations in whichever way we wanted to, for us it was a no brainer other than to take the right approach.

We looked around at like-minded organisations to see how we could define our policies and objectives. B Corp kept cropping up and its prospects were so inviting. A B Corp organisation has integrity embedded into its culture and meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. It balances profit with purpose. The business world is evolving in many ways, and this progressive stance is part of a wider global culture shift towards a fairer, kinder economy.

Why did we decide to become a B Corp?

Myself and the Amodal team performed plenty of research and decided to start the process of becoming B Corp certified, particularly as it was aligned with what we wanted as a business. During the run up to B Corp certification, we’ve been working collaboratively to define the directions we want to take, which will subsequently be published as an impact report. We’ve had to be completely transparent about our staff, community and environment.

Being a B Corp organisation is a great piece of governance which assures we are doing the right thing. More importantly, we become part of a community of companies that match our energy, pushing for business as a force to do good.

This is an aspiration which construction would do well to follow, as the industry is highly resistant and sceptical of change. There’s a wealth of work to do in terms of improving construction’s diversity and inclusivity. Therefore, B Corp provides a baseline in which the industry may put these changes into motion.

When we become fully B Corp certified later on this year, we hope it inspires others to do the same. Ultimately, customers want to rest assured that the business they are dealing with is responsible and has the very best intentions. They are shaping the world of business and are increasingly looking for sustainable, responsible organisations that centre care and parity.  Being B Corp certified is an important badge of honour in this respect, and is an assurance to your customers that you are a positive force for change in the business world.