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The Holy Trinity: People, Process & Technology

Information visibility and clarity are key pressure points in construction right now, particularly as the Golden Thread of information was such a prominent takeaway from the draft Building Safety Bill published in July 2020.

Information management is essential to the smooth running of construction projects and the related built assets. Common data environments (CDEs) play an important role in this process, collecting, managing and disseminating data, documentation and spatial information. However, there are three components which are essential to ensuring high levels of efficiency are reached: people, process and technology. These three aspects are intrinsic to a successful transformation, yet are almost always the biggest challenges to overcome. Consideration must be paid to all three elements at one time; lose balance and your objectives may quickly become out of sync.

During this webinar, leading experts from the built environment will be providing first-hand insight. Confirmed speakers are Stephen Crompton at Bentley Systems, Tom Whiting Managing Director at Amodal and Symon Bacon Development Director at British Land.

After brief introductions from the speakers, a ‘scene-setting’ period will follow where individual journeys and challenges are discussed. This will culminate in a Q&A and panel discussion, with a focus on taking ownership and providing a lasting legacy.