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ISO Accreditation Is More Than A Set Of Standards

People, process and service are defining aspects of a business. They are the elements that make a business unique, setting one organisation apart from another. But, how can businesses ensure their processes are secure and efficient no matter how different they may be? Natasha Callis, Project Information Manager at Amodal, explains how ISO accreditation provides an important framework to ensure Amodal’s distinctive offering is consistent, efficient and delivered to the highest quality. 

In starting a business we required a framework which would centre sustainability, for the benefit of our people, processes and clients. From a client perspective, current and prospective customers need to know that a business is genuine, and has the policies and external validation in place.

ISO is an independent, internationally-recognised organisation that instils confidence in clients. It develops a variety of standards for businesses to assure quality and safety. There are a range of ISO standards available, but the frameworks that reflect our wishes as a business are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. ISO 9001 is one of the best-known standards out of the selection and relates to quality management. At Amodal, we utilise 9001 to set, fulfil and in some ways exceed our principles. This standard ensures we look after our staff from a health, wellbeing and safety perspective, and cultivate each of their professional development. As our people are happy, we give the very best service to our clients.

The ISO 27001 certification is proof of our commitment to security as a business. This information security management system standard demonstrates that we have the correct, authorised security controls and policies in place.

ISO 14001 pertains to the environment – a big focus for every modern, forward-thinking business. This standard gives an outline as to how Amodal can be kind to the planet, whether that be through looking at our impact, or minimising our carbon footprint. 

Part of being a sustainable business is showing your clients that everything you do is delivered securely and to the highest standard. All of the ISO standards that we work to enable Amodal to be the best version of itself. The ISOs are akin to medals or awards, and give our clients the confidence and assurance that we have the validated and frequently audited systems in place.

As well as being benchmarks and frameworks, ISOs can be seen as springboards to future successes. Amodal is on its way to becoming B Corp certified, a scheme which is developing a new generation of businesses that balance purpose and profit. Becoming B Corp was the natural step after the ISO 14001 accreditation. This sequence is propelling Amodal in the right direction to continually move forward as an environmentally-conscious business.

The ISO accreditations are vital signposts which demonstrate that organisations are living up to the standards they set. They serve as essential hallmarks of quality, safety and security, and ensure that the defining aspects of a business – people, process and service – are validated.