Customer Perspective

Large Asset Owner – Case Study

Ever idealised a scenario where information management wasn’t burdened with ambiguity and dissatisfaction? With experience working with large asset owners, Amodal is well-positioned to provide clarity and tangibility when it comes to identifying an information environment which gives you the answers you require, when you need them.

Client Requirements

Our team was able to work with the client to procure a CDE which would exceed their business needs. As well as selecting a CDE for its ability to homogenise information management processes and provide one source of information, the client wished to utilise BIM in order to standardise and share documentation.
The asset owner also desired a clear roadmap which would highlight the scale of the journey. Stakeholder training and system support were a prerequisite; as well as ongoing maintenance and management of the CDE.

On a usability level the CDE had to be user-friendly, so the client could continually make best use of the asset management technology at its disposal.


When identifying a CDE, the asset owner’s main concern was to select a system that would control and reconcile disparate information held in different types of storage under separate file names. Information was stored and transferred over multiple contractor systems, which made it very difficult to both trust and find the source they were looking for. The client didn’t have the technology to manage file naming conventions either – making information even harder to trace – leading to various stakeholders creating their own, without being consistent.


We were chosen for our ability to offer simple solutions to complex requirements. As well as managing the tender process for the CDE, we worked closely with the client and software provider to develop a bespoke functionality that would bring the client’s requirements to life. We took the enhancement of the CDE into our own hands and developed information requirements with the full building lifecycle in mind, ensuring PIM to AIM was a smooth process for all parties. Role-based interfaces were developed for added flexibility, resulting in a heterarchy-based CDE which would offer one source of truth through multiple lenses.

To equip the client’s end-users with the insight to operate the CDE, we offered training and support to over 500 people.


With the project ongoing, we are continuing to use our experience, expertise and insight to ensure the CDE offers the client the clarity that is needed to make empowered decisions.

Large Asset Owner