Customer Perspective

Main Contractor – Case Study

Navigating built environment technologies can be complex, particularly when digital’s benefits are so clear. Yet, utilising our unique approach Amodal breaks down these barriers, collaborating with main contractors to open-up an information environment which reflects their needs and works for them.

Client Requirements

To streamline the delivery of its projects and give the company a competitive edge, Amodal’s client, a large tier 1 contractor, decided to switch to a newer CDE with modern architecture and greater efficiencies. The contractor’s previous CDE had its limitations; it hadn’t kept up with technological developments and was unable to offer cross-project reports, leading to time-consuming processes that, operationally, resulted in an excess of irregularity.


The client had decided to go out to market to review which supplier could make its business needs a reality. As well as driving the consistency which the client needed, it was important for them to choose an easy-to-navigate solution which would improve information accessibility, thereby increasing confidence in document management. The solution would also need to be aligned to the standards outlined in ISO 19650, and be tailored to the contractor’s existing internal processes.


We were well-poised to identify the right solution for this client. When it came to ascertaining the client’s requirements, we worked closely with the contractor to identify the CDE requirements that were important to them. Our team interviewed the client’s employees to paint a clear image of the existing solution. This enabled us to understand issues and challenges and better understand client requirements so we could review, prioritise and cost options. Once recommendations were completed, approvals were then granted by the client. Subsequently, the team assembled a detailed programme which comprised over 120 requirements, all prioritised based on the clients specific business need and benefit.

The team utilised its agile delivery approach to enable greater flexibility for the client in terms of feedback. This style of working – typically characterised by breaking complicated projects down into manageable tasks – enabled us to quickly react to the client’s feedback, consequently streamlining the delivery of this part of the project.

Before the launch of the CDE, thorough testing was undertaken both internally and externally, for the benefit of the client’s end users. Training modules were also delivered to the various employees in the organisation, to ensure greater fluency was achieved. A successful launch was delivered and post-launch support was also administered before handover to the client’s business teams.


After a plain-sailing pilot project, the first phase of this contractor’s information management journey has been realised, with our efficient delivery and tangible solutions undoubtedly playing an essential role in its success.

Main Contractor