A trusted, agnostic partner and collaborator, Amodal utilises its expertise, knowledge and unique approach to develop practical solutions for its clients’ individual requirements.

We work closely with all of our partners and collaborators to make sure value is realised at every step of the process. Amodal has an instinct for what its clients need, and will collaborate with different providers to ensure these requirements translate into something tangible for the benefit of our clients.

About Partners & Collaborations

Common Data Environment Providers


Asite’s open construction platform enables organizations working on capital projects to come together, plan, design, and build with seamless information sharing across the entire supply chain.

Asite’s comprehensive range of solutions connect dispersed teams across the lifecycle of capital assets, enabling them to build better and build resilience. With Asite, capital project owners stay at the forefront of innovation, maintaining a golden thread of information throughout a project to facilitate the creation of digital twins.

Bentley – BCDE

BCDE offers a secure, yet flexible Common Data Environment (CDE) providing document and information management in the cloud, across every stage of a project and asset lifecycle. Amodal deliver, implement, train, support, and enhance our offerings to users through industry expertise and technical knowledge of the product and solutions.


With the Procore Platform, you have all your project data, stakeholders, and apps on a single customizable platform. Supported by the largest construction App Marketplace, with 200+ integrations and unique embedded experiences.

Other Partners & Collaborations

Complete Competence

Pioneering competencies based
software solution comes prepopulated with construction job families descriptors.

This in-depth knowledge of construction job roles has been built over many years of working with major construction companies.


Sensat enables automation in some of the world’s largest physical sectors to streamline processes, uncover risk and provide insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective.

Sensat’s mission is to automate the way civil infrastructure is planned, built and managed with the aim of reducing costs by 5x, opening access to fundamental infrastructure to billions more people and ending devastating environmental practices.


Edocuments offer a flexible range of effective management and software solutions to equip the Project Delivery Teams with both the tools and resources to help improve the handover process and reduce costly post practical completion errors. Solutions include:

  • Record/As Built Handover Information production
  • Technical Authoring
  • Data Integration