What Services Amodal Provide

The solution – working towards a single view of information

A Common Data Environment (CDE) is where drawings, documents or data created throughout the Design, Build and Operate stages of a building’s construction and ongoing management are stored.

  • Digitised data management though a common data environment (CDE) is far superior to traditional paper methods
  • Modernising data management provides a huge opportunity for the construction industry to be more efficient and productive
Prepare a standard framework
  • Information aligned across the system
  • Consistent approach across projects
  • Ready for handover to asset management
Organise all projects within the same CDE
  • Active project
  • Legacy projects
  • Future projects
Provide the ability to report and analyse
  • Data
  • Information
  • Knowledge
  • Wisdom
  • Clarity

The Amodal solution

Amodal creates effective filing structures and control processes to manage your building information in the digital world

  • Helping you to define and align your business strategy and goals with your legal obligations
  • Organising your historical and current project information into a single master CDE to ensure one source of all information
  • Associating related files and information together (i.e. architects physical drawings may be linked to critical information contained in an email)
  • Creating functional and individual views (golden threads) of information per user type e.g. Finance department only wants commercial information
  • Ensuring legacy project information is updated with meta data so all information can be easily found, filtered and searched
  • Amodal is aligned with international standards and possesses the key industry accreditations

Amodal services are tailored to your requirements

We offer straightforward services for information environments, interlinked and interchangeable according to your specific needs:

Tailored Services - Manage - Manage & Control - Evolve & Enhance
Tailored Services - Construct - Implement, Configure & Enable - Source, Sort, Rename, Migrate & Populate
Tailored Services - Prepare - Audit & Specification - Procurement
Tailored Services - Underpinned - Performance Optimised


Find out how we can optimise your information management.