Our Service Focus

Why a Service Model is better

The built environment is complex and driven by numerous criteria and influences from regulation to cost, to performance and aesthetics. When it comes to managing these drivers the industry consistently relies on traditional, often outdated processes which bear a huge weight on productivity and stand in the way of efficiency.

These traditional processes become more problematic when we think of the industry’s distinct scepticism regarding technology. Why is it that we can control the temperature of our homes from our phones, but are unable to commit to the same type of technology which improves information management? The technology is there for the taking, so is it the delivery which needs to be refined? With more traditional options seemingly not working, what are the alternatives?

By utilising its unique service model, Amodal opens-up pathways which deliver tangible solutions to its clients. A traditional consultancy will often propose a capital-funded solution which can be fraught with internal delays due to the significant budget approvals required. The proposition may be overambitious, with overly long project lead times. There might also be little to no tangible outcomes along the way, as the chase is centred on the big ticket pay-off. The project is then handed over to the internal business team with the ongoing business information management generally overlooked in favour of the next project.

This approach is wearing thin and no longer fits with modern business practices where agility, value and outputs have to be realised at every step.

The Amodal Model

We work differently to traditional service models. We bring both the asset owners’ and contractors’ perspectives into play, which is of significant benefit to our clients.

Our model is characterised by executing smaller innovations at frequent, structured periods; a collaborative effort which enables us to track and respond to change at specific intervals, as highlighted in a clear roadmap.

We don’t think it wise to drown our customers with an excess of information. We create stepping stones that allow us to work to a set rhythm which reflects the needs of our clients. This agility gives us all the flexibility to quickly change course if need be, without wasting any time, cost or information.

We understand your requirements every step of the way. Our collaborative approach to working provides us with the knowledge to map out a manageable path to success, with visible and tangible delivery milestones along the journey.

Our service model gives you access to our multi-skilled team, so you’re not buying a single consultant. This ensures you have access to the right person for the task at hand and also makes budgeting and forecasting easier, with pre-agreed fixed costs for the service level required.

Focusing on the ongoing review and management of business information, our service model becomes an important business function within the operational business cost (opex).

What are the real-time benefits?

Where time and cost are high on the agenda, Amodal is here to provide the solution. We have fixed costs which means our clients can budget effectively. Our clients also have access to our entire team, so you can speak to any one of us during the process.

Our agile way of working enables us to deliver tangible outcomes as swiftly as possible. We also adopt a BAU (business as usual) management style, a flexible process which enables us to track costs, identify change and offer continual support to our clients.

Service Model