Giving back. for us, it’s personal

So much more than corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have a deep personal interest in providing help and support to our people and community. We believe it is possible to do well commercially by doing good socially. Our hiring practices ensure that age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, experiences, background, neurodiversity, socio-economic status and nationality are all causes for celebration, not barriers to entry.


At Amodal, becoming a B Corp was an easy decision. We believe in the B Corp values and objectives, which align with our own. We’ve obtained industry certifications in the construction industry, but we wanted further proof of our commitment to sustainability. B Corp Certification evaluates a company’s impact based on its values and is based on assessments of its relationship with employees, customers, community, and the environment.

Our impressive B Corp score of 87.9, well above the median for ordinary businesses, reflects our dedication to governance, worker well-being, community engagement, environmental responsibility, and customer stewardship.

To learn more about Amodal’s score and how you can complete the B Impact Assessment please click here.


At Amodal, we were committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As part of our dedication to minimizing our carbon footprint, we were proud to have achieved carbon neutrality. We recognized the urgent need to address climate change and its impact on our planet. We worked with certified carbon offset projects to neutralise any unavoidable emissions. By becoming carbon neutral, we aimed to contribute to the global efforts in combating climate change and preserving our environment for future generations. We believed that every organization had a responsibility to take tangible actions towards sustainability, and we were committed to leading by example in building a greener and more sustainable future.

Inspiring a better culture by giving back

At Amodal, we are passionate about fostering a culture that inspires individuals and groups to volunteer their time and effort towards raising money for charities. We firmly believe that by actively engaging in philanthropic activities, we can make a profound impact on the lives of those in need. We encourage and support our team to dedicate their skills, energy, and resources to organise events and fundraisers aimed at generating funds for various charitable causes. By uniting our collective efforts, we aspire to create a culture where volunteering and fundraising become integral components of our mission to create a positive and lasting change in the world. Together, we can make a difference and inspire others to join us in our commitment to give back to society.

Charities the team help

The Team

At Amodal, we value the power of teamwork and foster a culture of collaboration among our team members. Through a diverse range of engaging activities, such as sheep herding, dragon boat racing, bowling, escape rooms, darts, and even life-size Monopoly, we strengthen our bonds and cultivate a sense of unity. 

These activities go beyond the workplace, providing opportunities for our employees to come together, have fun, and build lasting connections. Whether we’re strategising to win in an escape room or cheering each other on during a game of darts, these experiences enhance communication, trust, and teamwork.

By participating in these activities, our team members develop problem-solving skills, enhance creativity, and celebrate achievements together. We believe that a supportive and engaging team culture drives innovation and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.